Sitaram Rajput : A 70 yr old Man digs a well single handedly to solve water crisis in his village

Sitaram Rajput : A 70 yr old Man digs a well single handedly to solve water crisis in his village Sitaram Rajput, a 70-year-old man, from Chattarpur’s Hadua village, is single-handedly digging a well to help solve the water crisis in his village in Madhya Pradesh. With a population of 300 , most people in this village are either farm labourers or petty traders.

VVS Laxman– Ex-International Cricketer, Mentor @SunRisers shared few pics and wrote on the wall of his Twitter, “ 70-yr-old Sitaram Rajput from Hadua village in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh is single handedly digging out well to help solve  the water crisis in his village, which the region has been facing since last 2 & a half years without any support. May the authorities help him.”

 The drought-hit village is facing the problem of water scarcity for the past two years and half long years, whereas Sitaram Rajput is digging the well for the past 18 months.

 Sitaram  Rajput said,  “There is no any source to obtain the water in my village except a hand pump. So I started to dig this well three years ago. Due to rain fall I stopped the work and now once again I have started the digging work. I used to dig  the well from dawn to noon and then again from afternoon to sunset daily.” He added, “The humans and animals are suffering from the scarcity of water in this village.  Neither the government nor anyone is ready to help us. I am using my money for the digging of well.”

The locals said, “The district administration too has ignored our problems for the last three years.”

Initially,   the family members of Sitaram Rajput had opposed digging of the well as there was no guarantee of water coming out of well. But now they are very happy.

Union Minister Virendra Khatik  said, “I pay the respect to the will power  of Sitaram Rajput. A  20 years old man can also not match with  his will power. I have contacted to the Collector of the district and he has assured me that very soon he will come up with a  solution.”