Sri Reddy and MGNREGA workers stage protest, demand jobs

Sri Reddy and MGNREGA workers stage protest, demand jobsSri Reddy– the controversial  Telugu actress, joins the protest by MGNREGS wage seekers at Gurijepalli village in Yerragondapalem. The employees who are working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) staged a protest against the government over their demand of jobs. They have been protesting from a long time over their demands.

On Monday, Rural labourers from Taj Sultanpur, Syed Chincholi and other villages staged a demonstration outside the office of  the taluk panchayat protesting against zilla panchayat officials for denying them work under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Act (MGNREGA). They alleged that the officials, on the pretext of Model Code of Conduct imposed in view of Assembly polls, were not acting upon their applications seeking work under the job scheme. During the protest an agitating woman said, “ We applied for the job about 15 days ago but nobody is entertaining our applications. “ Another woman said, “The authorities cannot deny work under the job scheme on the pretext of insufficient funds or any other reason. “

The workers are demanding the authorities to provide  the work.   Sri Reddy who was going to Srisailam, stopped her car and supported them. Sri Reddy also participate in the protest.

 Sri Reddy sat in the protest for 15 minutes  and also demanded the authority to provide the work to the wage seekers.

 Recently Sri Reddy also hold a semi-nude protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. Sri Reddy resorted to the protest after making allegations of sexual exploitation against few film makers.

Sri Reddy who spoke about the ‘casting couch’ and  ‘sexual harassment’  in Tollywood, shocked onlookers and the media when she took off  her top and put her arms across her chest. Sri Reddy alleged that many film makers  demanded her nude photos and videos for a film role.