Sri Reddy in Financial Crisis

Sri Reddy in Financial Crisis

Sri Reddy in Financial Crisis: Sri Reddy who is fighting against Casting couch in  Telugu Film Industry, is facing financial crisis.  Recently Sri Reddy shared her live video on her facebook and revealed that she was facing financial problem. She said, “According to few people, I have lot of money but it is not true. If you don’t believe, you can check my bank balance.” Recently Sri Reddy posed on her Facebook, “Financial problems are killing work#greatness of tollywood.”

 Sri Reddy added, “I have to leave my house within a week.  I don’t have any other home. I am fighting against casting couch, it is a part of fight. I am not doing it for publicity. In Telugu film Industry, the film makers are giving chance to North Indian girls and they are ignoring Telugu talent. That is the main reason, the Telugu girls  who are not getting the offers in Tollywood, are being involved in prostitution. ”

 Today Sri Reddy Wrote on her Facebook, “From the beginning I am fighting for a cause..not for the media attention or a publicity stunt..i never force to trust me..few payed youtube channels wantedly made bad publicity..following 2nd day with out food..good people bless us..thank u all”

 On the otherside, recently Sri Reddy revealed few name of top actresses and anchors associated with the industry worked with the couple (Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala) that headed the Tollywood S*x racket.

Activist and journalist Sajaya Kakarla slammed Sri Reddy for this act.

Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala were arrested by the US authorities in  the month of April for allegedly forcing Tollywood actors to undertake s*x work by luring them to the country under the pretext of cultural programmes organised there.

Sri Reddy hit national news headline  after she took off her clothes in public at Telugu Film Chamber Of  Commerce against the casting couch.