Sri Reddy fires on Pawan Kalyan once again and asks for his credibility

Sri Reddy fires on Pawan Kalyan once again and asks for his credibilitySri Reddy, the Controversial Telugu actress who stirred a huge controversy after stripping in public to demand justice, and  revealed shocking details of sexual harassment in Tollywood,  has made sensational  comments against  Pawan Kalyan and his party Jana Sena.

 It is known news that Sri Reddy slammed Pawan Kalyan over his advice to her on handling the casting couch and sexual exploitation issue in Tollywood. Sri Reddy used derogatory language against  Pawan Kalyan and has shown her middle finger to him in public. Now once again Sri Reddy is targeting Pawan Kalyan and his party Jana Sena. Sri  Reddy said,  It is not Jana Sena, it is Kula Sena.

The controversial actress Sri Reddy who has become sensation with her protest on Casting Couch  in Telugu Film Industry, in not  concerned with Jana Sena or politics but she is targeting  the Jana Sena party of Pawan Kalyan.

 On Twitter Sri Reddy wrote: Once you see  the Caste, you will understand what the structure of Jana Sena party is.

  1. Janasena Party President – Pawan Kalyan (Kapu)
    2. Janasena Co ordinator – Madasu Gangadharam (Kapu)
    3. Janasena Official Representative – Tota Chandrasekhar (Kapu)
    4. Janasena Treasurer – Marisetty Raghaviah (Kapu)
    5. Janasena Official SpokesPersons – Addilapalli Sridhar (Kapu)
    6. Another Spokesperson – Parthasarathy (Kapu)
    7. Janasena Media Incharge – Pasupuleti Hariprasad (Kapu)
    8. Janasena Youth Division President – Kiran (Kapu)
    9. Janasena Krishna – Guntur & East & west Incharge – Muthanseeti Krishna Rao (Kapu)

Sri Reddy who targeted Jana sena party of  Pawan Kalyan, saying it is a party built on caste-based politics. Sri Reddy said, the most prominent positions in  Jana Sena party are being filled with Kapu leaders everywhere.

Sri Reddy asked Pawan  Kalyan for his credibility. Sri Reddy posted a lengthy post on her Facebook.

Sri Reddy fires on Pawan Kalyan once again and asks for his credibility