Sri Reddy has proof against Vishal? She says: I know your size nd color too

Sri Reddy has proof against Vishal? She says: I know your size nd color too

Sri Reddy is back! The controversial Telugu actress has made sensational post on her Facebook. Though she did not reveal the name of any person but it seems that this time she is targeting a big celebrity in nadiagar sangam, who harassed several heroines. Sri Reddy’s fans are suspecting that he is none other than Vishal.  Sri Reddy wrote on her Facebook, yesterday, “One more big celebrity is there in nadiagar sangam,who harrassed heroines including side actresses for sexual favours..infront of media he is talking very clever,i saw today..but remember mr.fake perfect,I wl not leave you..I know your size nd color too..i wl prove to media also nd to the lawyers also..i hv pakka proof..u do what you can do..u gave money too to few women after u slept forcibly,do u think u are ruling Tamil film industry &nadiagarsangam&producer council??how much u r earning through this producer council few people met and told to me..chi chi paaapam da..get marry soon..or else she wl leave after listen this are a no1 black mailer..everything set..count down started..good night..jai jailalithamma..(soc)”

Sri Reddy’s fans wrote on Facebook

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Selvam Ariyaputhiran: Vishal Reddy

 Today morning Sri Reddy also wrote on her Facebook, “All Tamilnadu producers believed you,and voted you,but you misused your are harassing many tamil producers for money.. but remember till they get angry you are safe,once they get angry your m.l.a seat your hero seat everything wl go off.. how much money can satisfy you??how much small producers are struggling with u..shame on you..their curses wl not leave you..

Sri Reddy, has recently accused several celebrities in Kollywood and Tollywood including Natural Star Nani, Koratala Siva, Viva Harsha, Murugadoss, Raghava Lawrence, Srikanth and others, of sexually exploiting her and now the actress is making comments against Vishal.

Earlier in her Facebook post, Sri Reddy has claimed that she received threats from actor Vishal, who is the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam and the president of Tamil Film Producer Council. Now she has proof against him.