Sri Reddy: He used me like a Public Toilet

Sri Reddy: He used me like a Public Toilet
Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy has already created lot of buzz in Telugu and Tamil film Industry. Now one again she has made sensational commentsagainst a Tamil actor and said that he used her like a public toilet. According to Sri Reddy’s fan, he is none other than Vishal.

 Today Sri Reddy took to her Facebook and wrote, “Used me like a public toilet..that wounds are not at all healing..mentally disturbed alot..I know my participation is there..but my dead body participated for my movie offers..i seriously didnt do with my heart trust me..those are all very very scary moments in my talk effected my life very badly, how to come up now??now one Tamil hero is trying to spoil my professional life..who is closed to telugu movie people, he is a big womanizer..I am not deserved to be on this earth or what??”

Few comments on Sri Reddy’s Facebook by netizens are :

Sai Kiran Reddy : Vishal is the one

Ponnusamy Purushothaman : Tell his name openly… is he Vishal??

Ranjit : Vishal?

Raja Sekaran : Vishal

Sri Reddy’s struggle against the film fraternity of Tollywood started few month before. She has alleged that Tollywood is biased and discriminates against aspiring Telugu vernacular actresses in lead female roles.

Already Sri Reddy has revealed several names from Tollywood (Nani, Abhiram Daggubati, Kona Venkat, Koratala Siva) and Kollywood(AR Murugadoss, Srikanth, Raghava Lawrence, Sundar C), who asked her for sexual favours.

Sri Reddy has also released screenshots of Whatsapp chat messages with the directors, comedians and scriptwriters from the film industry.

Sri Reddy, the controversial Telugu actress came into national spotlight after she decided to strip on a street to protest against the casting couch in the Telugu film industry. Currently she is in Chennai.

Recently  Sri Reddy has got a role in Raghava Lawrence’s movie.