Sri Reddy is exploding bombs and saying, she is losing hope

Sri Reddy is exploding bombs and saying, she is losing hope

Sri Reddy– the controversial  Telugu actress has once again targeted  producer Suresh Babu  and blamed that  he did not only buy the media  to cover the issue but also spoiled her protest against casting couch and sexual abuse  in Telugu Film Industry.  According to Sri Reddy, government is also not supporting her and she is loosing hope on government. Sri Reddy posted on the wall of her facebook: “Charecters of the year

Suri Uncle,u r buying the media to not to cover up the issues..U r smashing the entire protest from all are paying money to majority of you tube channels also to do a negative publicity..payed the money for hackers,created many fake profiles to do a valgur comments nd made dislikes too..your ladies called nd black mail us to delete the pictures..even u r controlling maa association to not to give the card..

All big producers stamping this issue under their slippers..till my last breath I wl not leave,if I die one more Sri wl born.

Gave many complaints on many people in the police station..even police took it light..

even talasani srinivas yadav Garu promised many things ,till now there is no result..even he promised many things to small producers to give the encouragement ,till now that g.o not yet passed..i hope government wl not be on big heads side..but day by day we are loosing hope on government..

We gave the complaint in mahila commission ..that commission also didn’t do anything..

Still living wt the hope..”

The Telugu actress Sri Reddy is being labelled and her protest is being dismissed as a publicity-seeking stunt, this fact cannot be ignored. For the first time ever, a voice being raised against the sexual predators in  Telugu Film Industry. The big stars of Tollywood have maintained a stunned silence on the issue of casting couch. Sri Reddy is fighting a lone battle against casting couch. None of the leading actresses have spoken in support of Sri Reddy. But drama Queen Sri Reddy also unnecessary targeting Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan. On 21st May, Sri Reddy took Facebook and talked about the credibility of Pawan Kalyan in allotting the posts of Jana Sena Party.

Sri Reddy has filed case against 28 people and recently she wrote on Facebook,” I went on Sunday, to humayun nagar police station..Raised police complaints on this persons..girls keep fullstop to the silence,we should raise our voice against to the violence on girls and girl child..inka ye mahanubhavudu miss after I chepte e roju malli police station lo pani vundhi ichedham..”