Sri Reddy Leaks : US NRIs Super Tense

Sri Reddy Leaks : US NRIs Super TenseOn Saturday Telugu actress Sri Reddy  who protested against casting couch by stripping in front of the Movie Artistes Association office in Hyderabad, alleged that producer Suresh Babu’s son  Abhiram Daggubati had sexually exploited her.

The revelations on Tollywood by the controversial actress Sri Reddy are causing consternation among few NRIs who have spent private time with her. Sri Reddy is a very active participant in NRI events and conferences.  She was very active during NATA Convention May 2016 in Dallas.

During every conference, number of NRIs  have spent  time with this actress. Now these NRIs  are eager to know what other proofs  Sri Reddy has.   NRI have also chatted with her on WhatsApp.  Sri Reddy is also popular for taking selfies with the people who have spent time with her and now they are worried about #SriLeaks.

Sri Reddy has appeared on several TV channels and commented a lot on Social media sites- Twitter and Facebook. Her act has come as a rude shock to many younger-generation stars in  Telugu  film industry.

Now we have to wait and see whether #SriLeaks are limited to Tollywood or also spread to USA.