Sri Reddy reveals the names of actresses who are in Chicago (Tollywood) S*x Racket

Sri Reddy reveals the names of actresses who are in Chicago (Tollywood) S*x RacketSri Reddy, who was in news for protesting against casting couch, revealed the name of anchors and actresses who are involved in Chicago S*x racket, which was busted recently by US authorities. The police officials have named the victims as A,B,C,D and E.

 Recently reported that Telugu couple (Kishan Modugumudi alias Sreeraj Chennupati and his wife Chandra alia Vibha Jeyam) has been arrested for allegedly running a high-end prostitution ring in the US by luring actresses and anchors from Tollywood and advertising them for s*x at Indian conferences and cultural events across the country.  It is known news that Telugu actress Sri Reddy is fighting against the casting couch in Telugu film Industry and recently during the media interaction, she said that she too was approached by Kishan Modugumudi and Vibha Jeyam but she said no to them.  Sanjjanaa Galrani also claimed that actresses are advertised for s*x at cross-cultural events.

Yesterday Sri Reddy shared the pic of Vibya Jayan and also the pic  of actress Trisha, she wrote on her facebook, “Sri raj u.s alias kishan modhugumudi number’s profile pic..basically he wl keep what’s app display picture who are available wt him..I dnw why he kept this pic.”

 Today morning Sri Reddy took to her Facebook to reveal the names of actresses and anchors who were working for Kishan Modugumudi and Vibha Jeyam.  Sri Reddy wrote on her facebook, “I hope now at least common people has to realise what is happening in the movie industry..big or small heroins are doing prostitution for the movie offers nd luxuries nd small ones fr filling their tummy..when I told abt the prostitution majority of the people didn’t believe nd said im doing it for my publicity(publicity stunt)..atleast realize now,why i am fighting for the change..lot of people abused when i revealed this shitty prostitution..humm still maa association persons are trying to apply the make up for the problems with out giving solutions..”

Sri Reddy has confirmed that anchors Rashmi Gautham and Anasuya Bharadwaj are not involved in this prostitution racket.  (Also Read:

 Sri Reddy shared the pic of Sri Mukhi and said, “Rashmi or anasuya not involved any where..sorry forgot u in the list,careful sri mukhi dude”

Sri Reddy also shared the pic of top actress Rakul Preet Singh and said, “I dnw why u thanked Sri raj alias kishan modhugumudi in ur speech # u.s event..but no chance or less to be in racket..” Sri Reddy is indirectly hinting  that Rakul Preet Singh was in the contact of Kishan Modugumudi and Vibha Jeyam.

 Earlier in media interaction,  Rakul Preet Singh  opened up about the casting couch and  said, “I never had such experiences so far in Telugu film industry and maintained that casting couch doesn’t exist in Tollywood.”

 After the arrest of Kishan Modugumudi alias Sreeraj Chennupati and Chandrakala aka Chandra- the US police recovered the names and details of all Tollywood actresses who were in touch with this couple who were running the s*x racket in USA. USA police are also scrutinizing all Telugu actresses travelling to the US.

Sri Reddy also wrote on her Facebook:

stars,who can perform so well..
Sruthi hasan
Anchor syamala
Anchor mrudula
Rachana mourya
Parvati melton
Raghu kunche male p
Tejeswini madivada
Pragya Jaiswal
Anisha Ambrose
6 Vimala Raman
7 pinky(nuvvu naku nachav)
8 Anchor Lasya
Hamsa nandini
Bhanu sree
Revathi chowdari
Sidhu affan
Sravya reddy
Poonam kour
Madhu shalini
Colors swathi
Singer sunitha
Hebba patil
Gouri munjal
Surekha vani

Many more singers
Many of small tv
Short film actresses
Actress from tamil

Sri Reddy reveals the names of actresses who are in Chicago (Tollywood) Sx Racket