Sri Reddy reveals secret about Tollywood S*x Scandal, Chicago

Sri Reddy reveals secret about Tollywood Sx Scandal, ChicagoSri Reddy responded on the issue of prostitution racket, which is busted in Chicago recently.  The Telugu actress Sri Reddy revealed that she was also approached by the people who are involved in high end S*x racket, busted in USA.

Recently we have reported that Telugu couple – Modugumudi Kishan alias Raju alias Sreeraj Chonnupatti  and Chandra, was arrested in  Chicago on the charges on running the prostitution racket. (Also Read: The  Telugu couple allegedly lured Tollywood actresses and anchors to the US in the name of conferences and events.

The S* racket was exposed when a small-time actress was brought to America on the pretext of taking part in a show. She has been referred to as the main victim in this case.

The controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy who is fighting against the Casting Couch in Telugu Film Industry also responded on this S*x Scandal.  Now Sri Reddy revealed the secret, “I  too was approached by people involved in the high-profile prostitution racket busted by authorities in  Chicago, USA.”

Sri Reddy added, “The Telugu couple Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandra have their coordinators in Hyderabad.  The coordinators keep the details of most of the actresses who sit idle at home or  who struggle to get the offers  in  Film Industry.  Sometimes they ask to come for a dance performance or for hosting the show. They arrange the temporary visa and send the actresses from South to foreign. They advertise them for s*x at Indian conferences and cultural events across the country. Actress are being paid between $1000 to $10,000 whereas they charges up to $30,000 for each sexual encounter.” Sri Reddy further said, “ The film Industry people are aware of such type of  S*x racket which are running in foreign countries by Telugu people. Mostly C or D-grade artists, who are not lead actresses but do supporting roles in movies, fall into this trap.”

Sri Reddy’s stripping on a street to protest against casting couch  and Sexual harassment in Tollywood resulted in the formation of Committee against Sexual Harassment. Sri Reddy came into national spotlight after she decided to strip on the street to protest against casting couch.

Sri Reddy has also claimed that producer Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram Daggubati has sexually exploited her. She also alleged that she would also reveal names of powerful NRIs if action was not taken in the case.

Everyone is eager to know,  Why was Sri Reddy silent till date? Why did Sri Reddy not reveal the name of this Telugu Couple Modugumudi Kishan and Chandra?