Sri Reddy reveals Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram F****d her badly in studio

Sri Reddy reveals Suresh Babu's son Abhiram F****d her badly in studioTelugu actress Sri Reddy accused popular producer’s son of cheating her. The producer in question is Suresh Babu. He has two sons. One is Baaubali and Ghazi fame Rana Daggubati  and other is Abhiram, who looks after Ramanaidu Studios.

In an interview, Sri Reddy has accused that Suresh Babu’s son promised her movie chances and has taken sexual favours from her in return. She tweeted, “Suresh Babu Son Cheated Me a Lot.”

The actress confessed that noted producer Suresh Babu’s son f*c**d her badly in a studio. She also released  few photograps which showed Abhiram in an intimate position with her. Although, his eyes were hidden by the channel, all other features of the person appear like AbhiRam Daggubati.

TV viewers were shocked with the photographs released by Sri Reddy through the media.

The controversial photographs of Sri Reddy and Abhiram Daggubati  are going viral on the social media.

Some neitizens condemned Sri Reddy for tarnishing the image of the film industry with a new allegation every day, whereas others have mocked Daggubati family.