Sri Reddy says: I gave you very cruel punishment

Today on the occasion of Mother day, the controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy has shared a post about her mother on her Facebook. Sri Reddy wrote on the wall of FB, “Who cares you??except your mother..mere maa ,I love love me still??i am feeling so sorry ammaaaa about my other mother should nt give birth my kind of girls..yes maa,your mistake is giving birth to me,for that I gave you the very cruel punishment..yeah,i know you didn’t do any mistake,still I troubled u alottt..many people used bad words on u ,.you are living like a dead body,still praying god for me every day . .why maa??for my mistake many people blaming you every day..mere maa what can I do for you tell me??you gave this body,why can’t you take out my breath,and live happy maa..”

Sri Reddy is the recent one to join the brigade of stars who are sharing post today on Mother’s Day. Sri Reddy came into national spotlight after she decided to strip on a street to protest against the casting couch in the Telugu film industry.

Sri Reddy stripped in front of the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce and claimed the industry bigwigs hire female actors from outside both Telugu states because they are fulfilling the demands of film makers. Sri Reddy alleged that heroines from other states would go to any extent to satisfy the big people in Tollywood, whereas local artistes are not so bold.

On the occasion of mother’s day, Sri Reddy is saying that for her mistake, everyone is blaming to her everyday. Sri Reddy also said, “I gave my mother a very cruel punishment.”