Sri Reddy says, S*x kills coronavirus

Sri Reddy says, S*x kills coronavirus
Sri Reddy says, S*x kills coronavirus

Number of celebrities from the film industry are coming up with advisories asking the people to undertake various precautions to control the effect of Covid-19. As the deadly coronavirus is spreading across the globe, millions have changed their day-to-day lives. The government has issued the order for the closer of bars, cinema halls, swimming pools, restaurants, gyms, and theaters for the purpose of slowing down the spread of the Coronavirus. Telugu actress Sri Reddy also came up with a post related to coronavirus on her Facebook. Facebook queen Sri Reddy said, “Regular s*x kills Covid-19, coronavirus.”

According to Sri Reddy if people indulge in s*x will not get affected by coronavirus. Now Sri Reddy is being trolled by her fans on Facebook. Few comments are as follows:

Raj Shekar: Did you experienced it or can I experience on you

Shaik Nizam: Sri ready is special list docter corona viras

Zaheer Ahmed: Then u have to do on regular basis !!!

Bhagaban Mahapatra Bhagaban Mahapatra: It’s proved by you?

Sandana Kumar: U will escape from corona, then you might have Hiv instead of corona

Dr Lauren Streicher, the founder and medical director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for S*xual Medicine and Menopause, said even though Coronavirus is a new virus and the information about it changes hour by hour. Lauren Streicher added that there has been no research on whether COVID-19 – Coronavirus can be transmitted s*xually.