Sri Reddy sensational comments on MAA again

Sri Reddy sensational comments on MAA againSri Reddy, who stirred up a storm with her protest against the casting couch practice in Telugu film Industry, has made sensational comments on MAA once again. Sri Reddy shared a sensational post on her Facebook. 

 The prostitution racket in the US run by an Telugu couple, Kishan Modugumudi alias Sreeraj Chennupati and his wife Chandra alia Vibha Jeyam, involving Tollywood actresses have bused out recently Several actresses including Sri Reddy, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Anasuya Bharadwaj have now spoken up about their encounter with the couple.

Sivaji Raja, the president of the Movie Artiste Association (MAA), says that he is asking everyone to consult with the MAA before making travel plans.  He added, “We are aware of Kishan Modugumudi’s suspicious activities. Kishan worked as a production manager and co-produced at least two films. We have been warning the artists not to go abroad for performances with those with dubious antecedents.”

MAA President further said, “The anchor or actress whoever wants to go to the US to participate in private events, should inform the MAA before leaving. We will guide them and verify if the event being organised is real or fake.”

  MAA President added, “The association is in touch with the leaders of other organisations like TANA and ATA. The entire film Industry is being blamed for the actions of only 2-3 people. I am very happy as they have been arrested by American government.”

Sri Reddy who is fighting against the casting couch and sexual harassment  in Telugu film Industry, made sensational comments on MAA. Sri Reddy took to her Facebook and made a sensational post, “Theega lagaanu.. donka kadhilindhi..mana vallaki chinna probleme ani light tesukunnaru..american police serious teskunnaru..andhuke America rangam loki dhigindhi,godava mudharaka mundhe thalasani varu,maa association varu kalisi ma problems ni chakka pedatharo, leka naku card ivvakunda kakamma kathalu cheppinattu American policeluki cheptharo chudham ..mana americalo vunna nri landharuki maa association valla chikkullo padettu vunnaru..card edho maa mohana padeyachuga..i try my level best to keep this fire on..jaihind”

Earlier Sri Reddy questioned the Telangana government and MAA on the absence of a Committee Against Sexual Harassment.

Recently Sri Reddy also revealed that she was also approached by Telugu producer Modugumidi Kishan and his wife Chandra in the US. Sri Reddy also alleged that they have coordinators in Hyderabad.

Sri Reddy had earlier staged a strip protest to expose the casting couch in Tollywood.