Sri Reddy takes dig at Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan over AP special status protest

Sri Reddy takes dig at Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan over AP special status protest Recently Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan responded on the issue of Telugu actress Sri Reddy’s allegations of sexual exploitation in Tollywood and said that Sri Reddy must approach the police with all the evidence she had.

Pawan Kalyan further  said, “There is no use going to TV channels. The women should go to police stations.  There is a need to fight all such injustice in court.”

A  female reporter also pointed out that though Telugu actor Chalapathi Rao was booked last year for making derogatory comments about women, no action had been taken against him.

Chalapathi Rao had said, “Women are not disturbance to peace. But are useful to sleep with.”

When the reporters  pointed out that Sri Reddy was just asking for support from within the Telugu film industry, to which Jana Sena Party chief replied, “I will extend support, but neither i am a policeman nor a judge.”

 As a result of it, Sri Reddy later posted on the wall of Facebook,  “I am glad that Pavan Kalyan Sir acknowledged the issues related to women, but it is important to note that it is the support of stars/politicians like Pavan Sir that matters in our lives that would compel law enforcement bodies to take action against anti-social activities and atrocities on women irrespective of fields! I have already filed Police complaint but no action yet!! (Sic)”

“I’m not happy with Pawan Kalyan sir’s statement, but it’s okay. He spoke about protecting other women but at the same time he kept me down. I can’t understand him. It’s fine. I’m not jealous and I am not trying to get public attention or popularity like anyone.”

In a sarcastic way, Sri Reddy advised the actor to stop his protest demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh and asked him to approach a court or police station for the cause.

She wrote, “Pk ji,why r u doing protest for andra??go to police station or court for special status(joke)..we are also same,u dn hv min respect who r fighting for telugu girl’s respect,n independence nd against casting couch..u dn need to open ur mouth forcibly,we can understand ..girls never ever ask pks support..shame on movie industry..”