Sri Reddy Vs Jyothi! Debate on casting couch in Tollywood

Recently during an interview to a youtube channel, actress Sri Reddy’s  revelations on dirty picture of casting couch, prevailing in Telugu Film Industry, have created tremors in Tollywood. She has initiated a movement against Casting Couch and the bracket system of co-ordinators who are exploiting aspiring and budding actors.

Recently, a News Channel invited Sri Reddy and Character Artiste Jyothi for a debate on Casting Couch. In the debate, Sri Reddy and Jyothi exchanged war of words over casting couch issue. Sri Reddy said that she had faced the problem of sexual exploitation in Telugu Film Industry and she wanted to expose them to the public.

On the otherside, Jyothi asked Sri Reddy to file police complaint against them  who took advantage of her instead to talking about them  in TV news channels.  Jyothi also condemned few comments made by Sri Reddy by saying that  how could she project the whole industry in negative light just based on some of her bad experiences.  Sri Reddy became speechless after hearing this. She claimed that there is no career for Telugu girls in Tollywood.  Joythi said,  it is unfair to discourage the people who  want to become artists in Film Industry.  Sri Reddy said she never expected Jyothi will stoop down to such a level of making comments against her.