Sruthi Hariharan: Arjun Sarja pulled me closer with my body

Sruthi Hariharan: Arjun Sarja pulled me closer with my body

Arjun Sarja is well known face for Telugu audiences as he has been the part of several Telugu movies like- Lie, Rama Rama Krishna Krishna, Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India etc. Now according to the latest update, actress Sruthi Hariharan has made sexual harassment allegations on action King  Arjun Sarja. Both Sruthi Hariharan and Arjun Sarja had worked together in Vismaya (Nibunan in Tamil). The actress, who has already spoken about casting couch  in the film industry, has now joined the ‘#MeToo’ movement. She has revealed her sexual harassment story via her Facebook post.  According to Shruthi Hariharan, Arjun Sarja ran his hands up and down her back and pulled her closer with her body without her consent during the rehearsal of a romantic scene.

Last year, Sruthi Hariharan also made allegations against a Tamil producer who demanded sexual favours to cast her as the female lead his next project and this time, she made allegation against Arjun Sarja.

Sruthi Hariharan started her filmy career with, Cinema Company, a Malayalam film. Her popular movies are Solo, Tarak, Beautiful Manasugalu, Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu etc.

In her Facebook Post Sruthi Hariharan said, “I was shooting for a bilingual film which starred Arjun Sarja. A man whose movies I have grown up watching. I was excited avout the opportunity. The first few days seemed normal, I played his wife in the film and that day we were to do a romantic scene where we had to hug each other after a brief dialogue. During the rehearsal, we delivered our lines and Mr. Arjun hugs me. With no forewarning or permission, he runs his hands intimately up and down my back. He pulls me closer with my body taut against his and asks the director if we could use this idea of foreplay in the scene. I was aghast. I am all for depicting realism in cinema, but this felt absolutely wrong. His intent seemed anything but professional. I hated that he did it and angry that I didn’t know what to say then.”

Recently on Thursday, Sanjjanaa Galrani also accused director Ravi Shrivatsa of allegedly coercing her to act in scenes that she was not comfortable with in her movie Ganda Hendathi in 2006.