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Star Actors who failed in politics

Star Actors who failed in politics
Star Actors who failed in politics

Chiru, Kamal is not the only one who has made a political entry and the list of stars is still on the list ..!


People in India talk a lot about two things, one is politics and the other is movies. These are the main topics that any two would talk about while traveling on a plane from a roadside tea shop. So that these two became part of the daily life of the Indians. Favorite stars and politicians are cherished by the people. Its dose is slightly higher in southern India than in the north.

The film is a success through ‘politics’. There are those who have dropped out of politics due to unpopularity. However, there are more who fail than those who succeed. Let’s take a look at that list:

NTR won with his own party and became the Chief Minister.

MGR also won with his own party and served as the Chief Minister.

Jayalalithaa, who took the AIADMK party into her grip after MGR’s death, has also repeatedly won as CM and also dominated national politics. In their path, many politicians formed political parties and shook hands.

Chiranjeevi, who became the man with craze after Telugu Nata NTR, joined the Prajarajyam Party in 2008 and contested the 2009 elections, winning only 18 seats and later merged with the Congress.

Chiranjeevi’s younger brother Pawan Kalyan later founded the Janasena Party in 2014. However, the TDP and the BJP supported by not contesting the first elections. Pawan, who later contested the 2019 elections, himself lost both the seats.

Universal hero Kamal Haasan also lost his own party.

Even senior hero Vijay Kant failed to make an entry into politics.

Even Vijay get involved in politics and did not get any result

Vijay shanthi is also entered politics and was unsuccessful.

Even for this typical actor, prakash raj. politics did not mix well.

Observing all this, superstar Rajinikanth withdrew his political entry realizing that politics was not for him.

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