Sudigali Sudheer tries to impress Rashmi Gautham

Sudigali Sudheer tries to impress Rashmi GauthamSudigali Sudheer and Rashmi Gautham are well known face for  TV audiences. Both have worked together for Jabardasth TV show and currently they are hosting Dhee show on ETV now.

The promo of the latest episode of Dhee has been out recently in which both Rashmi Gautham and Sudigali Sudheer are seen shaking their legs for Kopama Napaina song from the movie Varsham starring Prabhas and Trisha Krishnan. After the completion of  the song,  Sudigali Sudheer starts to flirt with  Rashmi Gautham but she does not like his activities.  Later Sudigali Sudheer brings a basket which is loaded with the things. First he showed hair clip, later the Ice cream cup, comb and bangles, to Rashmi Gautham and said, “I saved everything which you used in Dhee 10 show.” He started to taken out everything one by one but he received a shock when Rashmi Gautham said to him that the things he has kept in this basket were not used by her in the Dhee 10 show.

In real life, Sudigali Sudheer and Rashmi Gautham have openly answered the rumors about their friendship, on several occasions. Last year Rashmi Gautham clarified everything on Facebook and said, “We are just friends and as we were doing shows together the gossips about them are speculating but there is nothing between them. We are friends off-screen and good pair on-screen.” Sudheer Sudheer has also confirmed that they are just friends and nothing much is going in between them. The Vizag girl, Rashmi Gautham who made an entry with small roles initially, has become a star overnight in Jabardasth and after making bold scenes in Telugu movies, she became a star overnight. Rashmi Gautham was last seen in Telugu horror comedy movie Next Nuvve, directed by Prabhakar, in which Aadi played the lead role. But it was bombed at the box office.