Surekha Vani daughter Supritha trolled

It is known news that Surekha Vani‘s husband Suresh Teja, who has directed Telugu TV soaps and shows, passed away recently at a hospital in Hyderabad. Suresh Teja is a well-known TV director, who has made several popular soaps and shows. He has also worked as a writer for TV serials. Surekha Vani has a daughter Supritha. Recently Supraitha was trolled on social media sites by the netizens but the young lady gave a befitting reply to them.

Supritha is an active user of social media sites and she used to entertain her fand with tik tok videos. Recently Suresh Teja and Surekha Vani’ daughter Supritha shared the ‘tala korimi’ video on social media. After this some netizens started to troll her and said why she is sharing them rather mourning her father’s death. Finally Supritha gave them a befitting reply.

Supritha wrote on her Instagram, “People who were commenting negatively just don’t talk without knowing and if ur pointing one finger another four are facing you. First figure out your life and then come to know what’s going on in others. You are just looking from your shoe, come out and step into mine then you will know.” Later she deleted her Instagram account