Surya Sasikumar, Malayalam TV actress caught red handed with mother and sister

Surya Sasikumar, Malayalam TV actress caught red handed with mother and sister

Surya Sasikumar (36)- the Malayalam TV actress,  her sister Shruthi (29) and their mother Rema Devi (56) were caught red handed in connection with the seizure of counterfeit notes with a value of Rs 57 lakh from their residence at Kollam.

A Malayalam TV serial actress Surya Sasikumar was nabbed along with her sister and mother for allegedly printing and circulating counterfeit currency notes of denominations of 500 and 200. The Police have seized the fake notes worth `57 lakh from them including the printer, paper and other material used for printing the fake notes.

According to the police report, they started search in the house of Surya Sasikumar from 3 a.m. on Tuesday and continued it till 10 a.m. The mother of the actress Surya Sasikumar was main kingpin the case. All the accused have been taken to Kattapana in Idukki district.  All the three woman (mother and daughters), allowed the upper portion of  their residence to be used for illegal activity. Surya Sasikumar’s mother has also financed the cost for printing by spending about 4.36 lakh, and the deal was that she would get half the share of the profit.

Idukki Police chief K B Venugopal said, “The police have also seized Fake currently notes from their residence at Kollam near the Women ITI at Manayilkulangara, which was in various stages of printing. Some of the notes in 500 denominations were in the printing stage and the accused had told them that the paper for printing the notes were brought from Hyderabad.” He added,” Over half a dozen more accused will be nabbed very soon.”

 The Police said, “The team has been printing and circulating notes for the past six months.”

Two days ago, the Police had also  arrested three men including a former soldier, and seized fake currency notes with face value of Rs 2.25 lakh from Annakarayi in Idukki.