Take a look to Pawan Kalyan’s lifestyle in Haridwar

Pawan kalyan Haridwar
Pawan kalyan Haridwar

Usually, during spiritual trips, celebrities tend to accommodate in star hotels or luxurious villas along with premium services. But currently, actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan is on a spiritual trip to Hardwar. Though he has the capability of affording the luxurious lifestyle, Pawan has hit the headlines for leading the extreme simple life there.

Yes! Pawan Kalyan was spotted in Haridwar leading pious life there with no servants, normal rooms and simple white and white kurta and pajama. Few pics of the star actor turned politician has been floated which are now breaking the internet platforms.

If Pawan wants to lead a luxurious lifestyle,  in a finger snap, he can check to any lavish villas with end to end servants for every work. But, Jana Sena chief wants to make a change in politics and as a change, he is now grabbing everyone’s attention.

On the film front, there have been heavy rumors doing inside and outside the film industry that Pawan Kalyan is in dilemma to make his comeback in films. Chiranjeevi has spilled the beans that Pawan will be returning back in films soon.