TDP leader Nelli Sadhu Rao Red Handed Book with Women

TDP leader Nelli Sadhu Rao Red Handed Book with Women

Visakhapatnam is said to be a developing smart city in Andhra Pradesh State and astonishingly, those leaders who are promising great future to Visakhapatnam are exposing their real colour. Nelli Sudhakar Rao is a senior TDP leader and it is also said that Nelli Sudhakar Rao is at higher post in BC cell.

Disgustingly, TDP leader from Visakhapatnam Nelli Sudhakar Rao, who is a TDP BC Cell Secretary and Janmabhoomi Committee member in Gajuwaka, has been caught red handed using women for his animal instincts in the name of government schemes.

According to the latest update, Nelli Sadhu Rao  was exploiting minor girls in the garb of getting them monetary benefits through various government schemes and jobs.

A video of Nelli Sadhu Rao is going viral on social media sites.  The senior citizen is seen exploiting a minor girl probably aged 17, in a Government office.

The criminal case  against TDP leader Nelli Sadhu Rao has been registered. They have conducted raids in his house and offices  but the leader is absconding.