Team India Jersey to have “New” name in place of “Oppo”

Team India Jersey
Team India Jersey

We all know that team India Jerseys has the name of Chinese mobile maker Oppo on it. Now, interestingly, it seems to get replaced with another name. Yes, sources close to Oppo has spilled the beans that the phone company has decided to exit the space and give the way to “Byju” the learning app. It was known that as per the agreement with BCCI, Oppo has the tenure till March 31st, 2022 but the company has decided to take an exit move from it.

The reason behind the sudden exit of Oppo from Team India Jersey was

known that during the period of 2017, Oppo has made the whopping bid of Rs 1,079 Crores for the Jersey rights for the span of five years, but it seems to sales weren’t up to the mark to continue investing such a thumping amount on Jerseys hence, it is making a way for the Bangalore based online tutoring firm for the place on Team India Jersey. It is also known that Oppo will only be seen on Team India Jersey till the end of the forthcoming West Indies series. As soon as South Africa’s tour of India gets commences in September, Byju will take over the name on it.

Sources said that “Basically, what Oppo has done is chopped its losses. They have reassigned the rights to Byju’s. They will pay Byju’s a minor amount to help make the full payment while Byju’s will pay the BCCI. Whereas, BCCI will continue to get due to it.”