Telangana honour Killing: Woman Body Burnt

Telangana honour Killing: Woman Body Burnt

In a case of honour killing, the parents and some family members of a 22-year-old woman allegedly thrashed her to death for marrying a youth from a different caste at Kalamadugu village of Mancherial district, Telangana. This incident took place on Saturday night but came to light on Sunday after police took up the investigation on a complaint by Anuradha’s husband A Laxman. They destroyed the evidence of their crime by burning her body in an agricultural field and dispersing the ashes in a stream.

According to the police report, P. Anuradha’s parents with the help of some other relatives brutally killed her, burnt the body and threw the ashes in a stream.

A Laxman and Anuradha, both residents of Kalamadugu village, were in love. As Anuradha’s family opposed the alliance, the couple fled to Hyderabad, where they tied the knot at Arya Samaj temple on 3rd December. After 20 days of their wedding when the couple reached their village on Saturday, Anuradha’s parents and other relatives attacked Laxman’s house and forcibly took away Anuradha.

Police investigations revealed that the parents took her to a place near Mallapur village in Nirmal district and killed her. They also  burnt the body and dumped the ashes in a stream to remove the evidences.

DCP Venugopal Rao and ACP Md Gouse Baba visited the spot and enquired this incident. They inspected the agricultural field where the girl’s body was burnt and spoke to villagers.

Finally the Police have arrested Anuradha’s mother Laxmi, and father Sattenna, who were angry with their daughter for marrying a man from a lower caste.

A Laxman is  a B Tech student, also belongs to the same village. While the girl Anuradha hailed from the Yadava community, the youth is a Padmashali.

It is known news that in  the month of September, Pranay Kumar, a Dalit youth, was also hacked to death in full public view in Nalgonda town.