Tharun Bhascker: I was scared

Tharun Bhascker: I was scared

Tharun Bhascker who recently  fired on film critics for giving mixed reviews for Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, has taken U turn.  Now the talented director Tharun Bhasker is saying, “Like my first film, I made this one with new actors so I was a bit scared.”

 It is known news that recently Tharun Bhascker has deleted his facebook and Instagram accounts.  Recently during the media interaction, when Tharun Bhascker was asked about the reason behind the deletion of Social media accounts, he said, “One particular person targeted me on social media, and i wanted to give him a befitting reply.  But everything went wrong so i decided to stay away from social media and deactivated my Social media account.”  The cleaver director Tharun Bhascker did not reveal the name of person who targeted him. Tharun Bhascker further said that he was very happy with the response of his recently released directorial venture Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi. He said, “Like my first film Pelllichoopulu, I made Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi with the new actors. So I was scared whether it would get good openings or not. The movie Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi is made on the budget of Rs 2.5 Cr and now Suresh Babu, the producer of the film, is expecting Rs 3 Cr profit.”

Tharun Bhascker further said, “There is no vulgarity in Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi. It is very neat and good entertainer movie. Though few audiences are comparing Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi to my first film Pellichoopulu but both the movies belong to different genre.”

Tharun Bhascker has shot to fame with debut directorial venture Pellichoopulu starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma. His second movie Ee Nagaraniki Emayindi had a lot of expectations. But on its opening day the film received mixed reviews from the critics.

Tharun Bhascker, who was very upset with the response, took to his Instagram to hurl anger against the reviewers. He wrote, “I hope I find time someday to sit and write reviews on reviews. They are unqualified to review a film. I understand that an opinion is like an a*sh*le and everyone has one but a review should be given by a person who has at least done a film appreciation course.” After firing on reviewers, now Tharun Bhascker is admitting that he was scared because news actors played the lead role. It means, Tharun Bhascker was not confident on his work.