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The Warrior Movie Review

The Warrior Movie Review
The Warrior Movie Review

Review : The Warrior
Director : Lingusamy
Producer : Srinivasa Chitturi
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Starring : Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, Aadi Pinisetty, Akshara Gowda, Nadhiya
Release Date : 14th July, 2022
Rating : 2.75/5

Story :
Ram, who played as Satya is a duty minded doctor who gets posted in the city of Kurnool which is under the rule of a feared gangster named Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty). He tries to take up arms against Guru but fails at worst. As there is no other option, Satya changes track and turns into a police. The rest of the story tells how did a doctor become a cop? and what did he do in his new profession.
Plus Points :
1. Ram’s performance
2. Aadhi Pinisetty
3. Climax fight
Minus Points :
1. First half
2. Screenplay
3. Predictable scenes
4. Narration
Performances :
Hero Ram is well shown in a police getup and his transformation from Doctor to a cop is decently done. The antagonist Aadhi Pinisetty is the center of attraction in the movie all over and just nailed in his character. In the first half, he dominates Ram in the way of his dialogue delivery, action and everything. Krithi Shetty looks cute on screen and she gave her best. Nadhiya, the mother of Ram, is extremely good on her part. Compared to the first half, Ram performed well in the second half with a needed intensity. Brahmaji’s character is also established well.
Technical :
Set in the backdrop of Rayalaseema area, the film gains crucial points in cinematography, done by Sujith Vasudev is out of the world. Devi Sri Prasad’s music and Background score are ususally nice. The director Lingusamy has framed the whole movie in a decent manner, especially, his art of showcasing the transformation of a doctor into a police is excellent on his part. But the story is quite predictable and some scenes are boring to perceive. Rest of it, the editing part is also good.
Analysis :
Overall, The Warrior is a mass entertainer that is being liked by a few sections of the audience. As some of the sequences in the film are predictable, they are extremely boring to watch. Both Ram and Aadhi Pinisetty occupy the screen althrough the film and the female lead Krithi Shetty has slightly a rare appearance throughout it. The Warrior clicks among the mass audience the most, as it is based on a mass content.
Rating: 2.75/5


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