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These are the popular Telugu movies in 2022!

These are the popular Telugu movies in 2022!
These are the popular Telugu movies in 2022!

2022 is the year when the level of Telugu cinema is introduced to the world in another dimension. This is the year when Telugu cinema takes another step in terms of market and craze. There have been hits and blockbusters so far. However.. This year, Telugu people are shocked to see the dominance of Telugu cinema in Bollywood & Kollywood. In 2022, let’s see which films will be the cornerstones in the history of Telugu cinema..!!



In fact, this film was released amid very low expectations.. Because of Nagarjuna-Naga Chaitanya combination, it became the highest grosser in Akkineni family’s career. Being a sequel to “Soggade Chinni Nayana”, the film has a mixture of humor, fights and romance, and the family audience as well as the mass audience enjoyed the film very much. Although it is a commercial film, the production design & VFX work make this film stand out.

DJ Tillu

“DJ Tillu” is a comedy entertainer that has taken the Telugu cinema audience by storm. Written and acted by Sidhu Jonnalagadda, the title character became the talk of the town. It was released as a small film and created a sensation. It is not a common thing that even big heroes are shocked by the popularity of movie songs and dialogues. Finally, the dialogue “Atluntadi Manathoni” was heard in political meetings as well. The sequel of this movie “DJ Tillu 2” is currently on the sets. Let’s see if this sequel will create another sensation in 2023.


RRR” was the movie that made a Telugu movie loved by foreigners more than Telugus. The reason why “RRR” was able to go to Oscar is because of the way “RRR” was owned in foreign countries. Charan, NTR Elevations, Music by Keeravani, Direction by Jakkanna, Cinematography by Senthil. It is noteworthy that Rajamouli also mentioned that he has the idea of a sequel to “RRR”, which took the fame of Telugu cinema to the Oscars as all plus points.

Ante Sundariniki 

It may not work commercially but.. there is no exaggeration in saying that everyone’s favorite movie in 2022 is “Ante Sundaraniki”. Rather than calling this movie an entertainer, it is justified to call it a path breaking movie. This is a film where Vivek Atreya broke many stereotypes as a director and a storyteller. Then Nani and Nazriya’s performance. Rohini’s character & dialogues are heart touching. The climax sequence is sure to make every viewer’s eye roll. Maybe it would have been better if this movie had worked out commercially, but the run time has become negative.


Sitaramam is one of the sensational films of this year. A pure love story, without a single romantic scene between the heroines or a lip lock scene, the love born out of the medley of their hearts is “Sitaramam”. There are no real expectations before the release of the film. At least there is no buzz that this movie is coming. Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi audiences along with Telugu have lost heart to “Sitaramam”. If you look at the budget wise.. ” Sitaramam” can be mentioned as the biggest hit of this year. Dulquer, Mrinal Thakur’s mature performance & Hanu Raghavapudi’s honest take will never get boring after watching this movie.

Oke Oka Jeevitham

The movie “Oke Oka Jeevitham” proved that you can create magic on this level by adding Amma’s sentiment to a time travel concept movie. Sharwanand’s acting, Amala’s screen presence & Jakes Bijoy’s music, Srikarthik’s directorial talent are the biggest plus points of the movie. Also.. Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi character arcs have created a new example saying “friends characters can also be written like this”.


It must be said that after RGV’s “Raatri”, there has not been a proper horror film in Telugu. The movie “Masuda” filled that gap. Unlike routine horror movies.. this is a movie that scared the audience with good sound designing & production design. No one even knows that this is a movie until the trailer is released. If it is cut… everyone has surrendered to the magic created by Masuda in theatres. Without unnecessary flashbacks of the ghost character, without unnecessarily elevating the hero character… “Masuda” which is made very simply is not only one of the best movies of 2022… it can be said to be one of the best horror movies in Telugu.


“Hero” is a very fresh film in terms of taking, dealing & characters. Introducing Ashok Galla as the hero, this film directed by Sriram Aditya entertains with good comedy. Jagapathi Babu’s character & climax twist are the biggest assets of the movie. It can be said that the reason why the movie did not work at the box office is that they tried to elevate Nidhi Agarwal’s glamor & Krishna’s remix song without properly utilizing them. However.. Sriram Aditya’s movie can definitely be seen for the way it is shot.

Bheemla Nayak:
A Malayalam remake, that too, a Telugu remake of a highly contested movie on Amazon Prime, means that there really aren’t many expectations. But.. with Pawan Kalyan playing the title role, the expectations of the movie are good. Pawan-Rana’s acting & combination scenes are the highlights in this movie directed by Sagar K.Chandra in collaboration with Trivikram. Taman background music became the main asset of the movie. The biggest minus of the movie is the way Ganesh master composed “La La Bhimla”. The movie “Bhimla Nayak” gave a good high to Pawan’s fans after many years.

Mission Impossible

After blockbuster hit like “Agent Saisrinivas Atreya”, director Swaroop’s film, and Taapsee’s film in Telugu after a long gap, there were good expectations on “Mission Impossible”. This is a very honest film without any deviations. However.. Due to the lack of emotion that the audience could connect with, the film failed to do well at the box office. Rishabh Shetty of “Kantara” fame is seen in a small cameo role in the film.

Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam

Leaving aside his mas ka das image.. Vishwak Sen starrer movie “ Ashoka Vanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam”. This film is a hilarious family entertainer set against the backdrop of lockdown. Vishwak’s acting, Hrithik Naik’s screen presence, Rajkumar Kashireddy’s comedy and Jai Krish’s music are the highlights of this film which received good reception from critics and box office.

Sarkaruvari Pata

“Sarkaruvari Pata” is the film that brought Mahesh back on track, who was drowning in a stereotype. The heroine combination scenes were not liked by some, but after “Khaleja”, this is the film where Mahesh looked so active and youthful. Especially Parashuram’s dialogues are good. Day 1 collections of this film are still a big hot topic.


Adivi Sesh is a brand like movies. Onnaf the hit film “Major” in 2022 from Adivi Sesh who became a minimum guarantee hero. Directed by Sasikiran Thikka of “Goodachari” fame, this film produced by Mahesh Babu is a biopic of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Although the setting of the movie is the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, it has been shot with more attention on Sandeep’s life. The film was released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages and was a huge success everywhere.


If there are any number of best actress awards for the year 2022, all of them should go to Sai Pallavi for her film “Virataparvam”. Her acting and dialogue delivery as a pure and innocent Telangana paduchu is the biggest plus point of the movie “Virataparvam”. The way director Venu Udugula has conceived her character and the way she has done the end are amazing. Rana’s acting is also good. It didn’t do much commercially but.. the best love story released this year is “Virataparvam”.


“Bimbisara” was the movie that breathed life into Kalyan Ram’s career which was struggling after Patas. This is Kalyan Ram’s experiment as a new director. This is one of the surprising hits of 2022. It came silently and scored a super hit.

Karthikeya 2

No one could have imagined that a Telugu dubbing movie would get this level of reception in the Bollywood market, and that Nikhil Range Hero would collect all the crores in the Bollywood market. With Krishna’s sentiment and Anupam Kher’s cameo as the highlights, the box office run of “Kartikeya 2” is a dream run for many films. Nikhil recently confirmed that there will be a part 3 of this film which made Bollywood makers go crazy.

Krishna Vrinda Vihari

“Krishna Vrinda Vihari” is a simple version of “Ante Sundaraniki”. Although Nagashaurya and Shirley Janta directed by Anish Krishna, this film was average at the box office, but everyone enjoyed the humor in the film.


Already there is no mega fan who does not curse the remake of “Lucifer” which was released in Telugu translation. The remake of this Malayalam movie is in the hands of Tamil director Jayam Mohan Raja, and the teaser is very average, so people are fixated that the movie is a flop. If cut.. Mega fans are fed up with Mohan Raja’s take. “Kantara” got swept away in the mania, but if a better release plan had been planned, it would have worked commercially.


The movie “Yashoda” featured Samantha in the title role. Although the climax twist & graphics were trolled a lot.. but no one named her performance in the movie. Although this film was an average hit based on surrogacy, it became a milestone film in Samantha’s career.

Hit 2

Another hit movie of this year is “Hit 2” starring Adivi Sesh. This mystery thriller directed by Shailesh has impressed the audience. Although it failed to bring profits to the exhibitors in some areas, overall it seemed to be okay. The audience could not connect with the way Suhas’ character was elevated in this movie. That’s why.. Hit 2 could not create a sensation at the level of Hit 1.


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