Tollywood Casting Couch Code Word: Commitment

Tollywood Casting Couch Code Word: CommitmentNot just Telugu actress Sri Reddy, many small time actresses are opening up and disclosing the names of several celebrities in the film industry who had sexually exploited them.

Recently Madhavi Latha said, casting couch is not just limited to Telugu film, it exists in every industry. Madhavi said every girl enters the industry or any working place after knowing what is happening within. She said if she wants to be a big heroine, she has to be trapped in casting couch.

Madhavi Latha spoke about two heroines who were crushed under casting couch and were sexually exploited in the name of giving roles in movies. One of them happens to be a top heroine and the other one, a Telugu girl who even cried in front of Madhavi Latha for being exploited.

Recently in an interview Sri Reddy said she couldn’t understand where she should start from and how to eliminate the problem as her friends are not coming before the media over the struggles they have been facing in the industry. Sri Reddy made a bold statement that all heroines have sexual commitments.

The actress talked at length about casting couch and how this is propagated using a code word. In Tamil Industry, the other word to ask if the actress is ready to sleep is ‘Compromise’ and in Telugu, they ask for ‘Commitment’.  She revealed that the code word  in both film industries is different but the intention is the same.

Sri Reddy who has acted in few movies like ‘Aravind 2’, ‘Nenu Naanna Abadhdham’, also took  the name of top stars like Allu Aravind, Allu Arjun, Mohan Babu and blasted them for not encouraging Telugu talent.

She further said,  the newbies are exploited by the producer to the cameraman for the sake of an offer. Sometimes, even after compromising, the young talented girls aren’t given opportunities.