Tollywood Casting Couch

Tollywood Casting CouchThe Telugu Film Industry actually seems like an exotic topic of discussion, but there are several stories that remain behind the screen and never get disclosed. Casting couch is something which is akin to Tollywood and it is a topic of conversation for more than the last few decades. Many newcomers have to go through the mental and physical torment of casting couch in their lives as well as in their career.

In film Industry, most of the heroines are treated as objects of sex. Agreeing to the fact that casting couch is surely a part of Tollywood film industry, Senior character artiste Apoorva has said that casting couch is very much prevalent in Tollywood. She  said, she has been getting many calls from other artistes facing sexual exploitation. They are all ready to come out with proofs. Apoorva boldly stated that Casting Couch is Tollywood’s dirty secret.

After her strip-down protest, Telugu actress Sri Reddy  has started to publicly name celebrities whom allegedly exploited her for sexual favours. After announcing about the famous singer Sri Rama Chandra, he claimed that  Youtube star Viva Harsha also tried to exploit her. The actor recently released screenshots of messages between her and well-known writer Kona Venkat and Koratala Siva.  In an interview to a Telugu channel, she  had claimed that Abhiram Daggubati, brother of Rana Daggubati and son of producer Suresh Babu, had sexually exploited her. Private photographs of the duo were also leaked.

Film Critic Kathi Mahesh who is known for making comments on all the issues in his style has reportedly faced trouble. One of the Character artists Sunita has made sensational comments against Film Critic Kathi Mahesh. The actress has alleged that Kathi Mahesh has tried to use her by giving Rs 500.

Character artist Sri Vani claimed that Vakada Appa Rao is a womaniser and he seduces young girls.

Several character artists have recently alleged that the producer Vakada Appa Rao sexually exploited female artists including minors. One victim Hema said that Vakada Appa  Rao used her ‘for one full night’. He sexually exploited her on the promise of giving her a role in his production venture.