Two senior leaders join Jagan’s fleet


After the complete sweep in the 2019 Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP has stood as the sovereign party in the state. Many expressed their interest in joining the YCP and it is still continuing now.

Two senior leaders former MLC Jupudi Prabhakar Rao, and Akula Satyanarayana who was the former Jana Sena party member has met the AP CM Jagan and joined the party.

Among the two joined leaders, Jupudi is also a senior leader from Mala community and he spoke his mind in front of media saying that Jagan has stood as the perfect leader for the people. He told that they might have strayed from one place to another but now with a clear vision and found that people have chosen Jagan’s rule in the state. Jupudi also said Jagan has spent his vital 10 years in between the people to understand their issues.

Whereas Akula Satyanarayan was then BJP MLA and after resigning from his position, he joined in Jana Sena party led by Pawan Kalyan. Even, Akula got the ticket from Jana Sena from Rajahmundry, but sadly he lost the election. Now, Akula seems to be feeling happen in moving to the fleet of Jagan.