Varalaxmi Sarathkumar says: F****ng Castrate them

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar says: F****ng Castrate themAs soon as the bone-chilling details about rape and murder of a child in Kathua came to fore this week, the gruesome incident hogged the headlines in media. The heartbreaking incident, happened in Jammu and Kashmir to the 8 years old Asifa has triggered celebrities to create awareness and pressurize the Government to take strict action against the three criminals. Although Bollywood celebrities has already  started this awareness campaign, Jayam Ravi was the first one in Kollywood to talk about the injustice happened to the poor kid Asifa.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has also come forward and expressed her anger on the rape and murder of the innocent 8 year old girl- Asifa. She wrote on the wall of  Twitter, “One side you have people protesting for water. On the other side, you have an 8 year old that has been gang raped and killed. Who are breeding these monsters? What are we doing wrong? Is there no hope? Where is the justice? What’s laws are we living by? Is this the kind of world, we want our children to grow in? Until and unless the punishment for any kind of rape or any sexual crime is either death or castration, this bloody world will never stop. #Violatingwomensrights.

Ur fucking politcal games..sick bastards…im sorry about the language but read it for urselves and c what world we live in.. U call these men..?? Fucking castrate them so they can never hurt another child or woman and live as a branded rapist in shame..

The first of the monsters that raped and killed that innocent soul …#burninhell #death #castration #JusticeforAsifa shame him… and he is supposed to protect us..?? A man of the law..!!! Wow watte country we live in.!!!”

Trisha Krishnan also  tweeted “#JusticeforAsifa”.