Vijayawada Uma to bid goodbye to Chandra Babu

Chandrababu Naidu Bonda Uma
Chandrababu Naidu Bonda Uma

There is huge speculations running inside and outside the Telugu Desam party that another leader is all set to bid goodbye to Chandra Babu. The leader is none other than the former Vijayawada MLA Bonda Uma.

The sources close to the party have uttered that Uma will be leaving the party at the end of this month and will be joining with the ruling party of Jagan in August. Bonda Uma who is called as the firebrand of the TDP and has lost with just 15 votes last time in Vijayawada Central constituency.

Few close people to the party have said that Uma and other senior party leaders had a tiff on the TDP’s less stand for kapus which is said to be the reason for the former to move away from TDP and join YSRCP.

Currently, Bonda Uma is on a family trip to Australia and is expected to return on August 5th. He had spoken with Jagan on his interest and will be joining YSRCP as soon as he returns to Vijayawada.

Uma is expecting to be given a key role in handling the YSRCP’s affairs in Vijayawada East, post his joining the party. However, there is no official confirmation on the same.