Vikram Kumar working on Suryia’s sequel

Vikram Kumar working on Suryia's sequel
Vikram Kumar working on Suryia’s sequel

Vikram Kumar is a talented director and all his films has unique concepts which is different one to other. Recently Vikram Kumar made Gang Leader with Nani which has performed to a decent level at the box office.

Currently Vikram Kumar is busy with the script of Naga Chaitanya’s film which is titled Thank You. Naga Chaitanya will wrap Love Story and then join Thank You. It can be said that this project will kick start in a couple of months.

According to the latest buzz, Vikram Kumar on the other hand is working on his another script as well. It is said that Vikram is writing the script of 24 sequel, which can be considered as Vikram’s one of the best work. He wants to cast Suriya in this movie. So Vikram Kumar has apparently approached Suriya to which the actor reacted very positively.

If everything goes well, the project might start rolling from next year once Suriya and the director are done with their current projects. We can recollect that 24 has an open ending and now director want to explore that.