Voter Review

Voter Review
Voter Review

Voter Review:
Director: Karthik Reddy
Producer: John Sudheer Pudhota
Music Director: Thaman S
Starring: Manchu Vishnu,Surabhi,Sampath Raj,Nassar
Release Date: 21st June 2019
Rating: 2.5/5

Vishnu Manchu and Surabhi starrer Voter, directed by Karthik Reddy has finally arrived at the theaters today on 21st June 2019.

Story ( Voter Review ):

Gautam(Vishnu), who works in the US, comes to India to cast his vote and he falls in love with Surabhi. When Gautam approaches Surbhi, she accepts his love, but there comes a problem. Surbhi’s father, Nassar, is an extremely honest public worker, who exposes the land encroachment of a local politician (Sampath Raj). Later the politician start to create problems for Nassar and his family, and Surabhi asks Gautam for help. What happens next form rest of the story.

Plus points:
· Manchu Vishnu
· Surabhi

Minus points:
· Screenplay
· Editing
· Narration

Performance: Manchu Vishnu is good in his role. He plays his role with ease. He entertains with his carefree body language, comedy and performance skills. Surabhi looks glamorous and provides good eye candy for the audience. Her chemistry with Vishnu is also good. Sampath Raj is superb as the central minister. Posani is good in his small role. Rest of the cast performed accordingly.

Technical: The first credit in technical departments of the film goes to the excellent Cinematography work. The Screenplay of the film is not interesting. The story and climax of Voter goes on predictable terms. Production values are grand. The music by Thaman S is good. Background music is average. The editing is below par. Coming on the work of director Karthik, he narrates the film well till the half point. But he loses grip in the second half as everything looks forced.

Analysis: The political drama Voter has a good concept. The forced emotions, lack of connectivity factor and routine proceedings are the biggest drawbacks.