Why did Kesineni Nani meet Chandra Babu, Galla Jaydev and others?

Galla Jayadev kesineni nani chandra babu naidu
Galla Jayadev, Kesineni Nani and Chandra Babu Naidu

It’s a known fact that there has been a twitter war running in between to veterans of Telugu Desam Party who is Vijayawada MP Kesineni and MLC Buddha Venkanna. Because of his party skills, Babu has even offered the Kesineni to be the TDP’s chief whip but it was known that the former has turned down the offer.

There was a situation occurred where Nani has even hinted to leave the party if the CBN is not able to control the Venkanna. Everyone thought that all these have created a big gap between the Chandra Babu and Nani but it seems everything is going well between the duo these days.

Yesterday, Nani has met the Chandra Babu along with parliamentary party leader Galla Jaydev, Srikakulam MP and Rammohan Naidu. In the meet, Nani seems to be discussed everything with Babu and sorted it out with firm assurance from the latter.

Alongside, Kesineni Nani had also had the Twitter spat with most successful entrepreneur PVP aka Prasad V Potluri recently, ending up with the post, “I won’t leave you”.