Young mega hero’s shocking decision on Chiru’s songs

Young mega hero's shocking decision on Chiru's songs
Young mega hero’s shocking decision on Chiru’s songs

Young mega hero Sai Tej has changed a lot when compared two years ago. He has changed his name from Sai Dharam Tej to Sai Tej. After scoring 6 consecutive flops, Sai Tej has decided to change few things. Fortunately Sai Tej worked in his favour. Both the movies which released last year Chitralahari and Pratiroju Pandage turned out to be big hits.

Along with the name, Sai Tej has taken another decision. Sai Tej earlier used to remix songs of Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s old classics. For Subramanyam for Sale he used the remix Guvva Gorinkatho, For Supreme, he used the song Andam Hindolam.

While coming to Intelligent there is the remix of Chamaku Chamaku Cham. While the first two songs worked in favour of the movie, Intelligent bombed big time.

However many have started to criticize Sai Tej for overly relying on Mega Star Chiranjeevi. So he has taken a conscious decision not to go for remixes of Chiru’s songs. Sai Tej is currently playing lead role in the movie Solo Bratuke So Betteru. The movie is scheduled for May 1st release, however that is impossible now. Apart from this movie Sai Tej is also playing lead role in Deva Katta’s movie.