YouTube morphed shock force the actress to file complaint

After the election, the cleaver lady Poonam Kaur and former Miss Andhra Pradesh broke her silence over the audio clip with allegations against Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan and filed a complaint with Hyderabad Cyber Crime police.

Meanwhile, Poonam Kaur filed a complaint against YouTube channels. In her complaint, Poonam Kaur alleged that unidentified people had uploaded morphed audio clips on YouTube. They tarnished her image by uploading her morphed audio. She has requested the cops to take strong action against them.

Few weeks ago, an audio clip in which Poonam Kaur was seen speaking against Pawan Kalyan, went viral on social media. It created a lot of stir in the media and the opposition parties criticized Pawan Kalyan. That time, Poonam Kaur maintained silence and did not speak anything regarding the audio clip and now after the elections, she filed the complaint.

Poona Kaur said, “Some people are trying to target me. I complained to police about the online harassment which i was facing for the last two years and requested them to take action against them who are responsible for this.”

However, the Hyderabad cyber-crime police have confirmed receiving a complaint from the actress Poonam Kaur regarding the audio clips.

On several occasions Poonam Kaur has said that she is die hard fan of Jana Sena Chief and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan and earlier in an interview, she has also said that she wanted a husband like Pawan Kalyan.