Chal Mohan Ranga Movie Audience review and rating: Live update

 Chal Mohan Ranga audience review and rating: Live updateChal Mohan Ranga Audience Review: Tollywood actor Nithiin who started his journey with Jayam is now coming up with his 25th film ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’,  which is hitting the theaters today on 5th April.  Megha Akash is playing the female lead. Earlier both Nithiin and Megha Akash have worked together for  Lie, but unfortunately the movie was dud at the box office. Apart from the lead  pair the film has other stars like Rao Ramesh, Satya, Madhu, Naresh, Pragathi and others in supporting roles. The movie is directed by Krishna Chaitanya who impressed everyone with his debut film ‘Rowdy Fellow’ and jointly produced by Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas. The movie has received ‘U’ certificate from the censor board and  has a runtime of 2.28 hours.

Here are the lives update of  Chal Mohan Ranga review and rating by the audience:

Taraka Ramudi Fan @MeKaNTRi: First half good comedy , krishna chaitanya dialogues @actor_nithiin & @akash_megha super performance #ChalMohanRanga

Telugumovie USA‏ @TelugumovieUsa: #ChalMohanRanga -3.5/5(Feel good) Plus: Nithiin


 Music, bgm




Minus: Some what routine in second half

 Some illogical scenes

25th film an hit for nithiin

Ashish Ane Nenu‏ @Mahesh_freak11: Good first half , hilarious stuff @MusicThaman bgm #ChalMohanRanga

Raja Chaitanya@rajachaitanya: Very good first half response. Hilarious stuff#ChalMohanRanga

The Vincible‏ @TheVincible: #ChalMohanRanga : First Half : Good locales, Music and a cute lead pair make this Romcom a fairly decent watch. Nothing out of the box though. #ChalMohanRanga : Decent comedy in the second half takes the graph up and it makes the overall experience of the movie as a pleasant one…nothing new but it would cater to the urban crowd

Harsha‏ @harshakaruturi: No Highs & No lows, ala smooth ga velipoindhi Average 1st half #ChalMohanRanga 2nd Half is the savior, Comedy worked out One time watchable & Timepass flick Krishna Chaitanya won’t disappoint with his dialogues #ChalMohanRanga

MJ Creative Entertainments‏ @MJCreativeEnt: #ChalMohanRanga – Ab.avg-Hit Dialogues by #Trivikram Production values By @SreshthMovies_ @PKCreativeWorks are Top-Notch @actor_nithiin one-Man show Heroine done With JustOK!! .. Direction -Nothing new.& no Interesting Screenplay. 3/5. -One Time Watchable.

MB‏ @Keshav4005: #ChalMohanRanga done… nothing new to offer… another routine love drama Decent comedy in 2nd half..#Ramesh – #DrMithra scenes Chali pradesham kadha ramesh Edo undi overall… 2.61/5

Filmydosa‏ @filmydosa1: #ChalMohanRanga an A center Average cinema.. OK 1st half.. So so 2nd half.. With comedy in parts.. 2.5/5…#Rangasthalam will be unstoppable for another week..

SADDY‏ @king_sadashiva: Decent First Half. Comedy worked out well #ChalMohanRanga Time Pass Entertainer #ChalMohanRanga. Easy ga oka sari chuseyochu.

Taraka Ramudi Fan‏ @MeKaNTRi: First half good comedy , krishna chaitanya dialogues @actor_nithiin & @akash_megha super performance #ChalMohanRanga

Raghu raj‏ @1424Raj: #ChalMohanRanga Wow hilarious. Congratulations on big success @actor_nithiin and @akash_megha you guys were brilliant. Will watch it again 2nd time in the weekend.

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