Actress confirms she is bisexual

Paris Jackson is bisexual

Paris Jackson, the  daughter of pop legend, Michael Jackson, has confirmed recently on her social media sites while interacting with fans that she is bisexual.  Paris Jackson -actress, model, singer and activist, admitted that she is interested in both men and women during the Q&A on social media site Instagram.

Paris Jackson who has been romantically linked with supermodel Cara Cara Delevingne, hosted a ‘Ask me anything session’ on her Instagram, where one of her fan sent a Sticker asking Paris Jackson: ‘Are you bi?’Michael Jackson’s daughter replied: That’s what you guys call it so I guess but who needs labels.

However, Paris Jackson refused to confirm the speculation that she is dating ‘Suicide Squad’ star Cara Delevingne.

The 20 years old actress replied: “None of yourgoddamn business.”

Rumours surrounded the daughter of late singer Michael Jackson after she was spotted getting cosy with British model Cara Delevingne in the month of March at a restaurant in West Hollywood.

She  has confirmed that she is attracted to both men and women though she is not really bothered about labelling herself.

Paris Jackson  has one elder brother, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Prince and one younger brother, Prince Michael Jackson II.  The actress was sexually assaulted at 14 by an older man she describes as a “complete stranger”.