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’10th Class Diaries’ Movie Review and Rating

'10th Class Diaries' Movie Review and Rating
’10th Class Diaries’ Movie Review and Rating

Review: 10th Class Diaries
Director: GarudaVega’ Anji
Producers: Achut Ramarao P, Raviteja Manyam
Music Director: Suresh Bobbili
Starring: Sreeram, Avika Gor, Archana, Srinivasa Reddy, Naazar, Vennela Rama Rao, Shiva Balaji and others.
Release Date: July 1st, 2022
Rating: 2.75/5


10th Class Diaries is a romantic youthful entertainer that was released today in the theatres. The film has already made a huge buzz in the public with its promotional content. Now, have a glance on its review.

Story :
Sreeram, who played as Ram, settles in the USA. One day, he realizes that his life is not a satisfactory there and decided to return India in search of his lost life and childhood memories. He loves Avika Gor, who played as Chandini in his childhood days. The story revolves around their love story and showcases how could Ram meets Chandini and what are the turns faced by Chandini in her life.

Plus Points :
*Sreeram and Avika Gor

Minus Points :
*Movie presentation

Performance :
The leads Sreeram and Avika Gor have attempted well with their allotted roles. When compared to first half, the second half is quite crucial, where Sriram’s presence is the central part of the film. Avika Gor is too cute to view on screen and she done justice to her role. While the other actors in the movie like Naazar, Archana, Shiva Balaji, Himaja, Vennela Ramarao, Srinivasa Rao have executed their best with their respective characters.

Technical :
The director has projected the youthful plot in a fresh-faced manner. But he lacks in his way of writing, mainly dialogues. He has also done cinematography for the movie, that is worth while. Suresh Bobbili’s music is good, but the background music rendered by S. Chinna could have been more impressive. Prawin Pudi’s editing is fine and the artwork is top-notch.

Analysis :
The entire movie looks engaging, but it lacks powerful mannersims. Sreeram’s realization to return to his native remains as the key aspect of the movie. Totally, 10th Class Diaries is a concept-oriented drama that take the audience to their childhood memories. Interlinking the foreign with childhood school reunion is the virtuous aspect picked up by the director.

Rating: 2.75/5


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