15 NTR fans booked in Meera Chopra’s issue

15 NTR fans booked in Meera Chopra's issue
15 NTR fans booked in Meera Chopra’s issue

Heroine Meera Chopra has said that she doesn’t know who NTR is and she is not a big fan of him. This has sparked a new controversy. Raged by her reply, NTR fans have started to troll her and this continued to the level of body-shaming her, posing rape threats, murder warnings, acid attacks, etc.,

Deeply hurt with the way NTR fans reacted, Meera Chopra decided to take the legal route. She has urged Hyderabad Police, National Commission For Women, Telangana Minister KTR to take quick action in this regard. All the departments reacted to her appeal.

It is now learned that Police have identified 15 twitter handles that project themselves as NTR fans. They have served notices to these 15 users and likely they are likely going to be arrested soon.

This issue is another perfect example of why we should be careful when using social media and we should not indulge ourselves in illegal activities just for the fact that we are anonymous. Cyber bullying is a major crime and we have to see what kind of punishment these 15 trollers will face.