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Aithe 2.0 Movie Review

 Aithe 2.0 Movie ReviewMovie : Aithe 2.0

 Director: Raj Madiraju

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Producer : Hemanth Vallapareddy, K Vijayaramaraju

 Music Director: Arun Chiluveru

 Starring: Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah,Kartavya Sharma,Abhishek Gupta

 Release Date: 16th March 2018

 Rate: 3/5

 Andhra Pori fame Raj Madiraju’s directorial venture Aithe 2.0 starring Indraneel Sen Gupta, Zara Sha, Abhishek, Karthavya Sharma, Neeraj, Mrunal and Mrudanjali  has hit the theaters today.  The film is a techno-thriller about technological advancements and their impact on the society. Let’s see the storyline.

Story: The film is all about  the story of engineering graduates- Upen, Arjun, Karan, Izaz, Rekha and Esha  who are jobless. Frustrated with their lives, they decide to join a software company, which is expected to change the outcome of the country.  In the same company, one of the employees commits a huge fraud and they decide to decode what the cybercrime is. What happens next?  How they nab the criminal? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Storyline

Minus Points:

  • BGM
  • Violence

 Performance:  There are a lot of newcomers in the movie, but they played their parts well. Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah, Abhishek, Neeraj, Mrunal, Kartavya Sharma, Mridanjli and Dr Srikanth  leave good impacts on the audiences.   The performances of all the characters felt real as the actors portrayed them very well.

 Technical: The script and screenplay is good. The production value is  good. The  Cinematography by Kaushik Abhimanyu is noteworthy and it helped the film look rich. The editing is smooth.  The music by Arun Chiluveru is entertaining and flows with the mood of the film. Raj Madiraju picked interesting story line and wrote the character well. There are not any glaring errors on the direction front. This techno-thriller lives up to the expectations regarding the VFX and graphics work.

Analysis:  Overall Aithe 2.0, based on cybercrime, is an entertaining movie. One of the biggest plus points for this film is the interesting story line and presence of  new actors makes the thing entertaining. The climax of the film is quite predictable. Try this film, this weekend, you will not be disappointed.

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