Anchor Jhansi Corona Positive?

Anchor Jhansi Corona Positive?
Anchor Jhansi Corona Positive?

In the month of April, Anchor Jhansi, who is quite active on social media creating awareness on Covid-19 spread, had shed light on the need for testing more people in the society now. She had also said that there should be an atmosphere where ‘everyone can come forward for testing and the testing facility is accessible by all classes’.

In other posts, Jhansi had shared pictures of her quarantine life where she was seen spending quality time with her dear ones and the canine friend whom she adopted recently.  The anchor turned actress requested everyone to act responsibly and stay indoors during the quarantine phase. Jhansi is under self-isolation and this has led to the rumors that she has been tested positive for coronavirus.

But Jhansi came forward and refuted the rumors. Jhansi added that she decided to be in isolation as a precautionary measure as she participated in the shoot of a TV show.

Though Jhansi is not having any Covid-19’ symptoms, but she has decided to be isolated as her aged parents live with her. Recently TV actors Prabhakar of Matti Gajulu fame and Naa Peru Meenakshi actress Navya Swamy have been tested positive for Covid-19. There was also a strong buzz in the film industry that ex-bigg Boss contestant Kathi Mahesh has tested +ive for coronavirus but he busted the rumor.


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Happily in isolation. Isolation and quarantine are different. Most of us know quarantine rules. But why and what is ISOLATION. Isolation is for people who have come from high risk places, or may have come in contact with a covid positive person directly. It is better for such people to isolate and watch out for 10 or 12 days to reduce the risk of further transmission. These are the measures you can follow if you need to isolate. stay away from work, public spaces. restrict to home, keep distance from family members especially those who are low with immunity. Do not share common living spaces like dining tables, sofas, chairs, beds , linen, etc. Mask up at home , use sanitizer sprays in common washroom if need to share one. If you have access use a separate washroom. Keep checking on symptoms. If required talk to your physician. Eat well, binge on fruits and greens, and nuts. No sugar. take supplements, make herbal drinks, be happy, read, watch, sing , dance, paint (anything that keeps you busy.) Sanitize the place as required. Exercise, walk, yoga whatever keep moving. I chose terrace to workout. Take at least 15 min of sunshine If you are hail and healthy, without symptoms then check with your physician after 10 days, if you require a test or further isolation. This is what I follow , let me know if we can do anything else.

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