Balakrishna fans fire on Naga Babu

Balakrishna fans fire on Naga Babu

Recently in an interview Naga Babu said, “I don’t know who Balakrishna is. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even hear Balakrishna name.” His comments about Nandamuri Balakrishna did not go well Nandamuri Fans and they are trolling Naga Babu on social media sites.

Today once again Naga Babu today said he is taking back his words. And  further said Nandamuri Balakrishna is a big comedian. He made us laugh like nobody. He said his acting, body language, performance is polls apart. Now Balakrishna fans are fired on Naga Babu. Few comments on social media sites are as follows:

madhusudanarao‏ @kmadhusudanarao : #nagababu he himself creating difference b/w star heros…no use of this contraversiol candidate for the industry

Ram‏ @Obaramka: Don’t you know #Balayya?? @ActorNagaBabu Recently, I have heard one word in social media #Nagababu behaves like mad I didn’t believe that but now I knew. U r the worst man in mega family and take treatment somewhere otherwise mad will become more and more @NBKTrends @TrendsNTR

ISmashU(ISU)‏ @abhivrudhikosam: I Ban Myself to watch @IAmVarunTej and #NagaBabu films even on TV set how good the movie also. Due to his Father #NagaBabu words on #NandamuriBalakrishna (#Balakrishna) maa #Balayya

BJP (Bjp + jagan + pawan)‏ @itsmeebalu :#nagababu turns to #SuicideStarNagaBabu for this orange movie onwards wait cheyandi G… Balupu taggistam @IAmVarunTej

#DPVEU‏ @dpveuuu: #NagaBabu apologises to everyone for not knowing Balakrishna Garu

trueleader‏ @trueleader9: #nagababu likes @PawanKalyan he should talk correctly about all stars. Now you have lost all votes of balakrishna. No family creditibility these stars and not even stand on on word. Megastar formed party and sells his party to congress. Then pk often changes his wife, Then TDP

Mark‏ @markshankarK : #SuicideStarNagaBabu this is called arrogance. @IAmVarunTej you should tell to you dad he is crossing his limits and you are in starting career it will indirectly effect your .