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Best performers of Tollywood in 2021

Best performers of Tollywood in 2021
Best performers of Tollywood in 2021

As important as the heroines & villains are to a movie, the supporting actors are also just as important. At some times, these co-stars also dominate the entire main lead. Appeared as co-stars in 2021 last year.. Let’s see the list of actors who dominated the movie..!!

Actress Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, who started her career as a heroine and turned into a villain & character artist, is bursting with a series of characters in Telugu as well. Her performance in last year’s “krack” and “naandi” was not only a highlight of the film but also a crowd-pulling genre.
HARSHIT (mail)
After watching Harshit’s performance in the web film “Mail” released on the Aaha app, one gets a good feeling. All the emotions like innocence, humor, surprise are wonderfully cultivated. Harshit is an actor who has plenty of potential to become a hero soon.
RAO RAMESH ( srikaram)
Not to mention the fact that Rao Ramesh is a good actor. However.. the role of the father he played in Srikaram is always special. His performance as a farmer who is immensely fond of his son is amazing. Especially the emotional scene that comes in the climax is the highlight of the movie.
RAG MAYUR (cinema bandi)
Everyone who saw the movie “Cinema Bandi” burst out laughing for the dialogue “Ne peremii?”. Actor Raj Mayur narrated this dialogue very innocently. His performance as Maridesh Babu was the highlight of the film. Although there are more actors.. his dialogue delivery and comedy timing stand apart from Raj Mayur.
Karthik Ratnam is the man who acted at that level after Venkatesh in Narappa. Karthik Ratnam’s performance as the eldest son is commendable. He made gestures of anger and rage with his eyes. Impressed with his screen presence even for a while to appear.
SUNAINA (raja raja chora)
Until then Sunaina was known only as a glamorous heroine. But.. for the first time she proved herself as an actress. Appeared in a role of good responsibility as a wife and mother. Sunaina entertained with neat gestures. Proved that she would do justice to the character if she could get good characters.
Jagapathibabu’s career changed drastically after the Legend movie. since then he has been doing all kinds of roles like that. After many days, he played a different role as a government official in the film “Republic”. His performance was one of the highlights of the scene where the whole town beat him with sandals. He should do more of these different roles.
SAI CHANDH (kondapalem)
Saichand, who played the supporting role of Fida in the film Fida and Saira in the film, was again cast in a good role as a shepherd in “Kondapolam” years later. His dialogue delivery & emotions are crucial to the film.
AJAY GOSH (manchi rojulu vachai & pushpa)
Ajay Ghosh, who started his career as a side character artist, is now the most busy artist. The manner in which gave comedy with his tension at the film “Manchi Rozulochchai” and the elegance he displayed as Kondareddy in Pushpa are commendable. If it continues like this, it is certain that Ajay will become a promising villain in Telugu.
HARSHA VARDAN (pushpaka vimanam)
In fact Harshavardhan’s role in pushpaka vimanam is very small. Does not even last exactly 15 minutes. But when it comes to the climax, the impact that the character creates is not an ordinary thing. Very subtly his approach to living in that role is good.
SRIKANTH (akanda)
Hero Srikanth Already has acted as a villain in movies like “Yudham Sharanam Gachchami, Villain (Malayalam)”. However.. the role of Ruthless villain that he played in Akhanda is the craziest villain role. From the point of view of whether the original Srikanth can be seen like this.. Everyone did as Srikanth will be an amazing actor.
SATYADEV (timmarasu & sky lab)
Starting his career as a character artist .. Satyadev’s growth as a hero is an ideal for many. Timmarusu, his acting in Skylab, the way he transcends characters is amazing. Satyadev Doctor Roll, who played in Skylab rather than Thimmarusu, is mixed in his career.
ESWARI RAO (lovestory)
Seeing Ishwari Rao’s performance in “Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava”, it seems that she is not being used to the fullest in our Telugu movies. Her performance as a backward woman in “Love Story” is impressive.
JAGADISH (pushpa)
No one could have imagined that an original friend character would be so highlighted in a film, mainly in the Telugu industry. Apart from giving voice over for the entire film in a way that surprised everyone .. He played a key role in the film as Allu Arjun’s friend. As Allu Arjun said in Thankyou Meet, if Jagdish’s character is even bigger in the second part.. he is sure to grow into another promising friend character artist.
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