Bigg Boss 2: No payment for commoners

Bigg Boss 2: No payment for commonersBigg Boss 2 Telugu, the controversial reality show, being hosted by Natural Star Nani, was launched on 10th June 2018. There is a buzz that Nani is eliminating only common people from Bigg Boss 2 show and it has also come out that  the makers of Bigg Boss 2 are not paying the participation fees to the commoners on the show.

The sources close to Bigg Boss 2 show say that the makers had decided not to pay any participation fees to the commoners on the show and only reward them for tasks and the prize money before the launch of reality show.   After coming out from  Bigg Boss 2 house Sanjana Anne said in her media interaction that she was not given a single rupee as remuneration by the organizers of Bigg Boss 2 as she was selected under commoners category and added  that only celebrities would be paid money, not commoners.  Sanjana Anne also revealed that the organizers of Bigg Boss 2 took back her costumes.

Nutan Naidu who was eliminated from Telugu Bigg Boss 2 show recently, said that he was not told anything about being paid.  He added, “I don’t need money, I got the opportunity to enter Bigg Boss 2 house, that’s enough for me.” He further said that he wasn’t paid at the time of elimination, and  he would never ask about his pay cheque.

On the other side, Jyothi, the Bigg Boss 1 contestant condemned the casting couch comments in Bigg Boss, made by actress Madhavi Latha recently. She said, Bigg Boss selection is a genuine and fair process. Nutan Naidu also supported her and said, there is no scope for managing the selection process or casting couch, as it was a Highest Level of selection process done by Endemol, a multi national company. Both Nutan Naidu and Jyothi said that there was no politics in Bigg Boss Reality Show.

 The sources said, the makers of Bigg Boss had decided to bring commoners without that clause in their contract. The channel was flooded with common people auditioning for the show and most of them were happy to get inside the house.