Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal Dog Comment creates sensation

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal Dog Comment creates sensation

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, is grabbing the headlines ever since it started. Kaushal Manda and Singer Geetha Madhuri are the two contestants of the house, who are the top news makers of Bigg Boss 2. The viewers who are watching the reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, are aware of  that Kaushal has a crazy fan comprising mostly youngsters in not just Telugu states but also cross the world. The viewers and Kaushal Army are not able to accept the fact that one single member (Kaushal) of the house is being targeted by all the other housemates. But this time when Kaushal used Dog Comments for housemates, it created lot of buzz.

 Number of celebrities like Aadhi Pinisetty, Rashmi Gautham, anchor Ravi, director Maruthi, Madhavi Latha and others have heaped praises on Kaushal and want to see him as the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

In recent episode, Kaushal Manda had a big fight with the housemates Samrat and Tanish. Kaushal lost his cool and shouted at them asking Why are you people barking like dogs? After hearing the word ‘dog’, which was used by Kaushal Manda, the housemates fired on Kaushal. On the other side, Kaushal Manda defended himself saying he did not call them dogs and used the word dog as an example.

The viewers of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu are appalled by the biased strategy of Star Maa and host Natural Star Nani. There are thousands of messages and trends against housemates, Nani, and Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show.

Few comments are as follows:

Shanmükhã Sai‏ @ShanmkhSai1: #Nani if you are seeing the big boss just notice who triggered the fight. It is clear that geetha is playing a sadistic game which motivates everyone one to get fight with kaushal.

VenuB‏ @BVenuM: #Kukkalu in #BiggBoss2Telugu

Elongated Muskmelon@Elon_Muskmelon: Dear @amazonIN need 3 packets of pedigree in #BiggBossTelugu2 house #KaushalArmy