Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Tanish and Samrat lose their character

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Tanish and Samrat lose their character

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu – Yesterday Manu Team- Raja Goutham and Chandani Chaudhary entered in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house, (which is being hosted by Natural Star Nani) as a part of promotional activities of their movie Manu, which has hit the theaters on 7th September. The Viewers are not happy with the ‘Car Task’ in Bigg Boss 2 and they are fired on Bigg Boss, and participants Tanish (Taneesh), Samrat.

NBK‏ @niranjankoyi: Taneesh and samrat played a wrong game against ladies……they losse their character #BiggBossTelugu

ravi23‏ @ravi2311: #biggbosstelugu shame on biggboss for allowing boys to hurt women in the show.somebody should file PIL against biggboss.Full show boys tried to overpower women in all task.and biggboss encourages such boys.

 внαяαт gυρтα ‏ @iBharathGupta: Why Women? Why not #Tanish #Samrat?? safe game?? Thing is they don’t have choice to do like what you said. #Roll disqualified before the buzzer start. #Amit tried to jump from car window. But His plan failed. #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu

SNC Bhargava‏ @sncbhargava:  Worst tasks by big boss especially Car task. Trying to Push ladies out of car by samrat and taneesh is very bad. Big boss to use brain. #biggbosstelugu

PARI’sPapa UK Gupta‏ @TechButthead: @NameIsNani Dear @BiggBossTelugu @BiggBossTeluguu @BiggBossTelugu2 For Day89,For CAR Task,This is not Participants’ Mistake.Can U PLZ stop this Inhumane #TASK of Manhandling Eachother (Specially Men over Women).Hereafter,Plz STOP these kinda TASKS #BiggBossTelugu2 #BiggBossTelugu

Sobhamt‏ @sobhamt: #BiggBossTelugu2 This looks disgusting not because a man is pushing a girl but because he calls her “Amma” and does these things. This is a task and no woman card please. #Tanish, when you call someone Amma besides your own mother, you should say it only if you truly mean it !!!!

Suresh‏ @suresh074: Is the way you treat a girl whom you cal amma ..#tanish you are the first waste fellow in #BiggBossTelugu2 .Hey @NameisNani if this time you support #tanish, you will become a culprit.. Really feeling sad and angry on #tanish..