Choosi Choodangaane Movie Review

Choosi Choodangaane Movie Review
Choosi Choodangaane Movie Review

Movie Review: Choosi Choodangaane
Director :  Sesha Sindhu Rao
Producer :  Raj Kandukuri
Music Director :  Gopi Sunder
Starring :  Shiva Kandukuri, Anish Kuruvilla, Varsha Bollamma, Pavithra Lokesh
Release Date: 31st January 2020
Rating: 2.75/5

Choosi Choodangaane  Movie Review: Shiva Kandukuri and Varsha Bollamma starrer romantic drama Choosi Choodangaane, directed by Sesha Sindhu Rao has hit the theaters today on 31st January 2020. Let’s see the story of Choosi Choodangaane.

Story: In his college days, Siddhu(Shiva Kandukuri)  falls in love with Aishwarya(Malavika).  But later Aishwarya breaks up with Siddhu and leaves him in distress. After some years, he meets Shruthi(Varsha Bollama) and they fall in love and when they decides to propose each other,  a sudden twist in the love story. What is the twist? What happens in the end? Form rest of the story of Choosi Choodangaane.

Plus Points:

  • Shiva Kandukuri
  • Varsha Bollama

 Minus Points:

  • Slow pace
  • Direction
  • Narration

Performance:  Choosi Choodangaane marks the debut of Shiva Kandukuri. The actor becomes successful to showcase all the variations in his character. Varsha Bollamma’s energy and beauty added more strength to the movie. Her chemistry with Shiva Kandukuri  is a delight to watch.  Malavika gets a meaty role and has given an  honest performance. Pavitra Lokesh and Anish Kuruvilla as Shiva Kandukuri’s parents justify with their rules. Gururaj Manepalli is ok. The rest of the cast perform accordingly in this flick.

Technical:  The story of Choosi Choodangaane is simple but impressive. the Music by Gopi Sundar is ok. The Cinematography work is top notch as the film is shown beautifully. Coming on the work of director Sesha Sindhu Rao, he has done a passable job. The production values by Raj Kandukuri are Very good. Dialogues by Padmavathi Visweshwar will be the biggest plus point of this film Choosi Choodangaane.  Editing is neat.

Analysis: Overall Choosi Choodangane is a romantic entertainer drama. The performance of Shiva Kandukuri and Varsha Bollama are the main assets of this film but a routine and slow narration takes the film down at regular intervals.